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Eslövs Korkfabrik was founded in 1891 and has been around for several decades. We are a family-owned business, which is part of Flaskor & Burkar i Sverige AB. Our management is made up of third-generation entrepreneurs. We have our own production in Portugal through our sister subsidiary and we deliver cork products to all Scandinavian markets.

One of our key articles is the cork stopper. But we supply all things cork, such as cork rolls/sheets, table coasters, wine cork stoppers, cork fabric and everything that is made out of cork in interior design. Our long experience and knowledge also help us meet the specific product requirements of our customers.  Our goal is to maintain excellent product quality and to ensure high customer satisfaction.

To whom and how?

We deliver to the entire Nordic region We deliver daily to our customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We also have customers around the rest of Europe who shop through us and have their goods delivered directly from our factory in Portugal. We also sell smaller quantities to customers who do not have such a great demand or who are starting up their own business. We make this possible through pricing that is tailored to your specific needs.

We have a wide standard range of cork products that you can order from directly. It is also possible to make custom orders of cork products where you send a drawing of the product you are interested in. After that, we will send you a quote. You can always contact a salesperson for more information if you have any further queries.

Cork oak

Cork oak (Quercus suber) is a tree in the oak genus of the beech family. It grows in Portugal and other western Mediterranean countries. When the cork oak is about 30 years old, its cork can be harvested for the first time. The next harvest takes place after at least 9 years. The bark is cut off in large chunks from the lower part of the tree, but as long as the bark at the bottom is not damaged, the tree survives. The lifespan of this tree is about 200 years, which means that its bark can be harvested 20 times. By buying and using cork, we help preserve important ecological environments in Spain and Portugal.

Cork is a very useful material with excellent properties such as elasticity, insulation and light weight. The cork structure also makes it virtually impermeable to gases and water.


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